Keep Following

Keep Following

God knows exactly the level of our confidence in Him. He won’t lead a child of God into situations that He knows are beyond them. However, our view of ourselves might be considerably different! All we need to do is to keep trusting and to keep following. We were never meant to figure out our own way through life but rather to go through life following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Very often we respond to the Holy Spirit’s leading with enthusiasm but, if we take our spiritual eyes off Him look at the circumstances around us, we can lapse into fear and feel like we are sinking. We start the Christian life simply by accepting that Christ has paid the price for all our falling short. We are to continue the Christian life in the same way – by simple acceptance of His love and guidance by His Spirit inside us. We are to keep following……

The Spirit’s leading is perfectly calibrated to our spiritual strength level [Exo 13:17-18 NIV] [Pro 16:9 NKJV] [Jer 10:23 NKJV] [Mat 11:28-30 NIV] 

Initial enthusiasm…[Exo 14:1-4 NIV]

…followed by fear[Exo 14:10-12 NIV]

Peter’s example[Mat 14:29-31 NIV] 

Continue to follow[Col 2:6-7 NIV] 

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