Knowing in the Spirit

Knowing in the Spirit

Learning to recognise the inner witness of the Holy Spirit is a key part of our growth as children of God. Jesus highlighted the Holy Spirit’s role as His disciples’ teacher, guide and one who would make things known to them. Paul the apostle tells us to live our daily lives “in the Spirit” and to set our minds on the things of the Spirit. Our flesh nature will always oppose the Spirit and feeding our minds with biblical truth is the only way to keep the flesh nature subservient to the Spirit and to develop our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Jesus made it clear that His sheep really do hear His voice. The problem is that, even though we might hear, we don’t immediately recognise His voice. However, the more we focus our minds on the truth, the greater our ability to recognise His voice. The Holy Spirit communicates with us on the inside, through the inward witness, and it is possible to know the Spirit’s leading and guidance with absolute certainty.

1. How the Holy Spirit engages with us

He teaches and reminds us [Jhn 14:26 NIV]

He testifies about Jesus [Jhn 15:26 NIV]

He guides us into truth and makes things known to us [Jhn 16:12-14 NIV] [1Co 2:12 NIV] 

He communicates to us internally (the inner witness) [1Jo 5:6 NIV] [1Jo 5:10 NKJV] [Rom 8:16 NIV]

He guides us [Rom 8:14 NIV]

2. How we engage with the Holy Spirit

Walk in the Spirit [Gal 5:16-18 NIV]

Set your mind on the things of the Spirit [Rom 8:4-6 NIV]

3. Knowing by the Spirit

Hearing his voice [Jhn 10:3-5, 16 NIV] 

Hearing but not recognising God’s inaudible voice [1 Sam 3]

Characteristics of God’s voice – Old Covenant [1Ki 19:11-12 NIV] [Isa 30:21 NIV] 

Characteristics of Holy Spirit guidance – New Covenant [Act 15:28 NIV] [Act 16:6-10 NIV]

Decision-making before Pentecost without the Spirit [Act 1:24-26 NIV] 

Knowing with certainty in the Spirit[Act 20:22 NIV] 

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